Get ready to update your dining wish list; we’ve rounded up the best dishes that Brisbane has to offer. They’re the ones that everyone talks about, that shape this fine city, and where there would be a public uproar if they were to take these dishes off the menu. We’re talking the best of the best. So, what are you waiting for? Try and finish them all, we dare you.


Breakfast bites

Sugar Daddy of All Bagel, Adonis Café  

Known as the home of the best breakfasts in Brisbane, you can’t go wrong at Adonis Café. To keep you full ‘til lunch time rolls around, order the Sugar Daddy of All Bagel. We’re talking Philli cream cheese, smoked salmon, grilled halloumi, crunchy fries and so much more.  

Eggs benny, Artie & Mai 

Eggs benedict can be found on breakfast menus all over Brisbane, but we’ll argue that Artie & Mai consistently does one of the best. 

Breakfast Carbonara, Morning After 

Why had no one thought of this earlier?! Crack a gooey 63 degree egg over a deconstructed mess of pasta, mushrooms, bacon, kale and parmesan for a dreamy breakfast at Morning After.

Shakshuka, Naim 

Tuck into Tanisian-style eggs baked in a rich tomato and capsicum spiced sauce with toasted Turkish bread, labneh and olives at Naim.  

French toast special, Smug Fig 

Why limit your brunching to the morning hours? Head to Smug Fig for their decadent all day brunch menu including the popular French toast. Flavours rotate through favourites such as Tim Tam, Mint Slice or Freddo Frog – need we say more? 

Casual eats

Prosciutto pizza, Beccofino 

After all these years, Beccofino still does one of the best pizzas in Brisbane and the prosciutto tops the list. Although, we’d be happy with any of their pizzas... 

Burger, Ben’s Burgers

The Ben’s Burgers menu offers just three types of burgers, and you can’t make alterations. Sure, add an extra patty or cheese, but don’t you dare ask for no pickle. You don’t mess with perfection. 

Steamed duck buns, Chu the Phat 

Did you know you can order Madame Wu’s much-loved signature buns at their fun sister venue Chu The Phat? Light and fluffy steamed buns, filled with fresh, rich braised duck - be warned, it is impossible to stop at one. 

Haloumi chips, Corbett & Claude 

Holy mother of chip god. Sticks of fried squeaky cheese may seem a touch decadent, but the crispy haloumi chips at Corbett & Claude are divine. Don’t offer to share. 

Salt and pepper tofu, Happy Boy  

Meatlovers - don’t let the mention of tofu scare you off; the salt and pepper tofu from Happy Boy is a total crowd favourite. It’s the perfect side, or an easy share amongst a group. 

Soufflé au crabe et au gruyère, Montrachet 

Here's another one you may need a translation for! Montrachet’s baked crab soufflé is a much-loved standout on their seasonal French menu. 

Pappardelle al ragù d’anatraJulius Pizzeria

Translation: duck ragu. Julius Pizzeria’ famous pappardelle pasta dish is a must try. Julis is the little sibling to Beccofino, so you know it’s going to be good. 


Tempura fish sandwich, Nota

You'll find this as a starter on the menu at Nota, but we don't blame you if you just want to order five of these and skip the mains – decisions, decisions.

DIY Salad, Sunshine 

Select your fave salads and get the perfect portion at Sunshine, where the team serve up exactly what you want from their range of hot and cold dishes and charge you by weight. Be sure to add the crumbed eggplant to your bowl – it’s delish.  

Tonkotsu Ramen, Taro’s Ramen 

With the mission to bring Australia’s best ramen to Brisbane, Taro’s tonkotsu ramen deserves a special mention. Enjoy Bangalow sweet pork bones, topped with two slices of char sui pork, soy-cooked soft egg and nori. Add some chilli if you’re after a kick. 

Buffalo Wings, Newstead Brewing Co 

The ultimate partner to your pint, Newstead Brewing Co’s delicious wings are spiced just right and may leave you wanting to order another round. 

Fine dining

Pappardelle beef ragu, Bianca 

Did you know the word ‘pappardelle’ is derived from the Latin verb ‘pappare’, which means ‘to eat’, and in the local Tuscany dialect means to consume a food with joy and almost childish pleasure? Well, we’re sure you’ll be doing the same at Bianca when you devour their pappardelle beef ragu.  

Chicken wings, Honto 

Tucked away in Fortitude Valley, this 90-seat Japanese diner has people returning again and again for its mouth-watering eats. While we seriously recommend ordering everything from the menu at Honto, the chicken wings with miso glaze and furikake is our top pick. 

Saganaki, Greca 

Fried cheese with honey. Need we say more? It’s literally the reason Greca are always booked out (plus the rest of their delicious menu and fab service of course).  

Kolokithia, Hellenika 

Also known as the best zucchini chips in Brisbane, these are a staple at Hellenika.  

Beef tartare, Mosconi 

If you're booking a meal at Mosconi, you are in for a posh time. Up your luxe level with the beef tartare with parmesan custard, cured egg yolk and fried capers.  

Bread & butter, Rogue Bistro  

Each month, the amazing chefs at Rogue Bistro curate a 6-course degustation menu, focusing on simple food executed with precision and featuring the best of local, seasonal produce. With the menu changing each month, the one thing we can guarantee is the incredible sourdough and whipped smoke butter. Not kidding, you will be asking for seconds even before your starters come out.  

Sticky pork relish on charred pineapple, sAme sAme 

Every menu item at sAme sAme is die-hard delicious, but kicking off with a sticky pork relish and charred pineapple starter is non-negotiable. 

Gnocco fritto, Sasso 

Crispy fried dough delights with mortadella, Stracciatella and pistachio. And that’s just the start of your Italian feast at neighbourhood bar and trattoria Sasso.  

New York strip, Walter’s Steakhouse 

You can’t go to Walter’s without trying their signature New York strip steak. Save this one down for a special occasion; it’s 300 grams of goodness that is a treat for both the eye and the palate.  

Miso-glazed eggplant, Yoko 

Honestly, the entire Yoko menu is just dreamy, but the miso-glazed eggplant is a real crowd pleaser. Ticking all the major allergy boxes – gluten free, dairy free, and vegan – and absolutely delectable. Everybody wins!

Sweets and treats 

Chocolate blondi with almonds ice-cream, Anita 

Every mouthful of Anita’s homemade ice cream is magical. You can choose from over 150 flavours including creamy, vegan, sugar free and yoghurt-based, but our pick is the chocolate blondi with almonds.  

Chocolate brownie, Dello Mano 

Word on the street is that Ashton Kutcher once ordered the luxury brownies from Dello Mano for his birthday. They are arguably the most decadent and delicious brownie around.   

Caramello salato gelato, La Macelleria  

La Macelleria brought traditional gelato from Bologna all the way to Australian shores. Their take on salted caramel offers the perfect balance of sweet and salty. The only real decision is ‘cup or cone’. 

Lemon & elderflower cake, Jocelyn's Provisions

Jocelyn’s Provisions is somewhat of an institution and has some of the most beautiful cakes around. Their lemon & elderflower cake was inspired by the royal wedding and features layers of moist lemon tea cake with a subtle elderflower buttercream. 

Gluten-free donuts, Nodo 

A 'hole' lot of delicious, you can't go wrong with whatever delectable flavour donuts you choose from Nodo. ‘Baked not fried’ and made from 100% gluten-free ingredients, you’re guaranteed to want to try every flavour.  

Rocky road, Noosa Chocolate Factory

Once you taste the rocky road from Noosa Chocolate Factory there is no going back. Hand-crafted marshmallow and strawberry jelly are coated with their small batch fresh chocolate – choose from milk or dark. 

Almond croissant, Sprout 

We know that there are loads of spots doing amazing almond croissants in Brisbane, but we think Sprout takes the cake croissant. 

Cake, Wild Canary 

Winner of our hearts for the prettiest cakes in the city, Wild Canary uses gorgeous edible flowers from its organic kitchen garden and sourced from local growers to decorate. While you’re at it, grab one of their picnic hampers full of sweet and savoury treats, perfect for a party of two!