1093 Upper Logan Road, Mt Barney Lodge, Mount Barney Queensland 4287

Yarriba means "walking".

Yarriba is an owner/operator cultural tour business who is able to connect people on half, full and extended day cultural experiences to Country.

The host is Gurruhmun "Old Man Kangaroo", an Ugarapul and Bidjara man with ancient local heritage. He will welcome you to Scenic Rim Country - a destination crowned by Lonely Planet as one of the Top 10 Regions in the World to Visit in 2022 - and help you build your connection to nature. On Wednesday 22nd November 2023, Gurruhman won the Destination Indigenous Queensland Young Achiever Award.

Yarriba was recently mentored by Savannah Guides and has created a fully-hosted package with Advanced Ecotourism business Mt Barney Lodge to offer a three-day cultural tour.

This is known as Yarriba Dreaming. This three-day experience of walking on country, connecting to country, nature and ancient ways follows the Goori way. Slowing down to connect, learning ancient survival lifestyle, enjoying this ancient land, culture and ways of life

Yarriba Dreaming

Reconnect in nature on a three-day Aboriginal immersion tour at Mt Barney Lodge in the Scenic Rim, a destination recently crowned by Lonely Planet as one of the Top 10 Regions in the World to Visit in 2022.

This small group tour is led by ‘Old Man Kangaroo’, an Ugarapul and Bidjara Man. The tour provides the opportunity to partake in several cultural practices and experiences, including a traditional smoking ceremony, storytelling around an ancient birthing water hole, traditional bush tucker and hunting skills and virtual initiation.

Mt Barney Lodge eco guides will also accompany you on walks and ensure you have access to local knowledge and have an optimal stay at this genuine ecotourism retreat.

Visitors will leave with a greater understanding of Indigenous Australian culture and practices and a spiritual connection to the idyllic landscape.

Price: $1895
Single Supplement/Solo Share option is available.

Yarriba - Walking Together 1/2 Day

Connect with Country in the stunning Scenic Rim on this 1/2 day program - Explore ancient beginnings, discover the origins of Mt Barney, discover local heritage.

Price: $150

Yarriba - Walking Together Full Day Tour

Enjoy time with your host, Gurruhman, as he welcomes you to Country and shares with you the wealth of knowledge and millenia of ancient customs passed down through the generations.

Price: $250

    Experiences you can enjoy:

    • Aboriginal Culture

    Activities you can engage in:

    • Walks