Nostalgic whispers of The City


Do you have a special place in The City? It's more than just buildings and roads; it's a destination where stories unfold, and memories evolve. 

The City captured on film

Do you have a special place in The City? It's more than just buildings and roads; it's a destination where stories unfold, and memories evolve. Among all the noise and activity, there are places where people have shared moments of happiness, love, and strong friendships. Discover locals' cherished stories below.

Meet you at… Queen Street Mall 

"Every month, my mum and I would dress up in our Sunday best and make our way to Queen St Mall. It was our little tradition, a day filled with laughter, shopping, and indulging in our favourite treats. Those moments in Queen St are a cherished memory, and I still love visiting the mall to this day." Jess 

Meet you at… Brisbane Arcade 

"Whenever I needed a slice of tranquillity in the bustling city, Brisbane Arcade's 'Room with Roses' was my sanctuary. The clinking of fine China, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the scones all came together to create a sensory haven. Whether I was alone with my thoughts or catching up with a dear friend, those moments at the café felt like a gentle escape from the urban pace, right in the heart of The City." – Barbara 

Meet you at… City Botanic Gardens 

"My soon-to-be husband and I had our first date in the City Botanic Gardens. Little did we know that would mark the start of our journey. We still to this day enjoy picnics and walks in the City Botanic Gardens as it holds a special place for us." – Marie 

"My wife and I brought our daughter and our dog, Penny, to the City Botanic Gardens. We remember the day very well; we enjoyed playing in the park, strolling along the riverside, and indulging in coffee and pastries at a nearby cafe. The visit left us feeling wonderfully relaxed and tranquil, and we're eagerly looking forward to returning!" – Josh 

Markets in The City captured on film

Meet you at… Pancake Manor 

"Pancake Manor has a special place in my heart. I have memories of very late-night meals with friends, gorging ourselves on pancakes and milkshakes at 1am just because we could. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been when the sun was still out." – Kerry 

Meet you at… The Shingle Inn 

"Growing up, I remember coming into The City was a special treat during school holidays. A trip to The Shingle Inn in Edward Street always included lunch. We used to love the rotating dessert cabinet and choosing a patty cake to have with lunch. To this day, I still love The Shingle Inn – it invokes such special memories." – Nicole 

Meet you at… Burnett Lane 

"When I was at uni in The City, Brew was my refuge for an afternoon pick-me-up. Many early Instagram filters were used taking artsy photos along Burnett Lane! More than a decade on, the laneway is still my favourite spot to meet up, whether it’s early mornings at Felix or late nights at Death & Taxes." – Ashton 

The City laneways on film

Meet you at… HJ’s  

“The City was always our go-to for my friends and I. We would make a day of it – catching public transport in, watching a movie, getting Nando’s for lunch and just hanging out. Our meeting spot was always Hungry Jack’s. To this day, it still is!” – Zoe 

Meet you at… Rocking Horse Records

“My dad's favourite store in The City is Rocking Horse Records. Every Saturday, he used to take me there when I was growing up. Now, I make sure to give a him a new record every birthday or Christmas - it's our little tradition!” – Ben 

Each story represents a connection and shows how The City holds a special place in the hearts of many. As people walk its streets, they can recall the connections and the memories that make The City a place where stories evolve and memories unfold. 

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Strike Bowling in The City on film
Friends walking through Queen St Mall, outside Hungry Jacks