The city:
Best Korean food

21 JUNE 2024

If a little Seoul food is what you’re after, The City reigns supreme as Brisbane’s hearty and wholesome hub of Korean dining. From fragrant and spicy hot pots to crispy and juicy Korean fried chicken to all-you-can-eat barbecue buffet feasts, grab a pair of chopsticks and graze your way through these Korean restaurants in The City.

K-Pocha, Mary St

If you are looking for a complete Korean experience, this restaurant screams good food and great vibes. Whether you are craving something deep-fried, stir-fried, or hot pot, this is the perfect place to bring a big group of friends for a fun time trying different food in a fun venue.

Chi Mc, Creek St  

Chi Mc is a fast-food, finger-licking favourite serving up crispy fried boneless chicken, succulent wings and salty potato crisps alongside buckets of beer and soju. The mouth-watering Korean-style sweet chilli wings will have you coming back for more. This place also splits bills, making it great for sharing a fried chicken feast with your friends.  

Funny Funny Korean Restaurant and Bar, Burnett Lane  

Tucked away in Burnett Lane lies Funny Funny Korean Restaurant and Bar, a restaurant and bar serving cheap Korean eats in an upbeat setting. Order a soju and choose from a range of Korean street food snacks, savoury pancakes, noodle dishes, rice sets, fried chicken, barbecue and more. If you’re with a large group of friends go for the set menu and try a bit of everything (with unlimited hot chips, if you fancy).  

An image of the Regent on the Queen Street Mall.