Meet our local food producers

18 JANUARY 2023

The Scenic Rim is a vast region filled with lakes, mountains, rich soil, large plains and an abundance of fresh produce sure to get your mouth watering. Hard-working farmers and talented food producers grow, harvest and create gourmet goodies spanning macadamia nuts and carrots to sheep cheese, camel milk and craft beer. The Scenic Rim is a favourite stop for local chefs and home cooks so plan a day trip to this bountiful region and pick up everything you need for your next meal.


Lost World, Christmas Creek area

Tommerups Dairy Farm 

This sixth generation working dairy farm offers visitors and guests the ultimate farm-stay experience. In addition to cows, the Tommerup family also keeps chickens, free-range pigs, sheep and goats. Join them at one of the property’s open days or book a night or two in the on-site accommodation.  

What: Milk, ham, bacon, vegetables  

Where: 2142 Kerry Road, Kerry 

Canungra, Beechmont area

Greenlee Farm

In 1995, Robyn and Paul Lee planted 500 macadamia trees. Seven years later they harvested enough produce to sell. The farmers keep bees to pollinate the macadamia trees and also sell jars of raw honey with products stocked in local shops, wineries, markets and festivals. Book an overnight stay in the onsite Greenlee Cottages.  

What: Macadamia nuts, honey  

Where: Canungra Village Markets on the last Sunday of the month 

Canungra Spuds

Dale grows the best spray-free potatoes in the area, according to the locals. His 20-acre farm on Coburg Road has been in the family since the 1940s.  

What: Potatoes, sweet corn, tomatoes, watermelon, pumpkins  

Where: Local retailers and from a shed on the side of Coburg Road

An image of red wine being poured into a glass, with grapes in the foreground and bottles of wine behind it.
Eco Safaris, Scenic Rim

Tamborine Mountain

The Green Shed

Every Sunday morning, local growers come together for a weekly market at the Tamborine Mountain Showgrounds. Drop in from 7am to pick up local organic produce.

What: Greens, avocados, rhubarb, tamarillo, chilled kefir, jams, preserves, coffee, plants

Where: Tamborine Mountain Showgrounds from 7am

Witches Chase Cheese

This small-batch producer of high-quality cheeses, ice cream and yogurt uses the freshest cow and goat milk from The Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy. The factory has an on-site shop selling all manner of dairy indulgences. 

What: Cheese, ice cream, yoghurt 

Where: 165-185 Long Rd, North Tamborine 

Fortitude Brewing

Utilising an onsite 24 Hectolitre brewery and only natural ingredients, Fortitude’s Head Brewer brews craft beer on the mountain for locals and visitors alike. Watch how beer is made and sample the end result in the on-site pub. 

What: A core range of six beers plus seasonal and limited-edition specials 

Where: 165-185 Long Road, North Tamborine 

Gift shop at Towri Sheep Cheeses.
Towri Sheep Cheeses

Beaudesert, Kooralbyn area

Towri Sheep Cheeses

Towri is the only accredited artisan sheep dairy and cheese room in Queensland. More than 350 sheep of varying varieties live on the 300-acre property.

What: Cheese and yoghurt 

Where: 206 Saville Rd, Allenview 

Scenic Rim Robotic Dairy  

Greg Dennis installed a robotic milking system to save his fourth-generation dairy farm. Milk price cuts led him to develop the Scenic Rim 4Real Milk brand and the family business – now run by his Teese and Wyatt cousins – is stocked across Queensland.

What: Milk, yoghurt, cheese

Where: 9023 Mount Lindesay Hwy, Tamrookum

Rathdowney, Mount Barney area

The Lime Caviar Company

Finger limes are a native Australian citrus that can be found growing wild in this part of the country. Pop open one of the narrow oblong-shaped limes and thousands of tiny green pearls resembling caviar will pour out.

What: Finger limes

Where: 542 Philp Mountain Rd, Running Creek 

Boonah, Aratula area

Freshwater Australian Crayfish Traders

From marine biologist to crayfish farmer, Rob Hutchings launched his business in 1979 and now has a 200-acre, 70-dam property that produces about one million mature red claw crayfish each year. He no longer exports and instead delivers crayfish straight to customers’ doors.

What: Crayfish

Where: 785 Tarome Rd, Tarome 

Valley Pride Produce

This fifth-generation farming family grows small-scale "bunched veg" including beetroot and silverbeet. Andrew Scholl bought the 32-hectare farm from his parents and continues to manage each harvest. He also runs Ants Fruit Market, overseeing both supply and sales of his fresh produce. Andrew is in constant contact with local chefs and customers to keep across food trends.

What: Radish, beetroot, carrot, silverbeet, kale and spring onions 

Where: Ants Fruit Market and straight from the farm

Scenic Rim Organics

Drop by the roadside stall of farmers Stephen and Angela Pennell to gather greens, vegetables and Angela’s homemade chutneys and jams.

What: Kale, silverbeet, pumpkin, leeks and broccoli

Where: 222 Moogerah Rd, Kalbar 

Scenic Rim Brewery

Scenic Rim Brewery is a small family-owned brewery located in the picturesque town of Mount Alford. Under the steady hand of Head Brewer Mike Webster, the brewery specialises in creating delicious craft brews from the region’s crisp clean water and natural ingredients.

What: Beer and alcoholic ginger beer 

Where: 898 Reckumpilla St, Mount Alford

An image of a group of people at a restaurant, being shown a beer bottle by a male worker at Scenic Rim Brewery.
Scenic Rim Brewery

Kalbar, Roadvale, Harrisville area


Kalfresh packs and distributes carrots grown by a collective of Scenic Rim farms to supermarkets nationwide. Mark your calendars for Eat Local Week each winter when you can book a factory tour or take part in the pick-your-own carrot day.

What: Carrots

Where: Kalbar Farm 

Fassifern Valley Produce

Matt and Sarah Muller grow gorgeous and flavoursome green, yellow and red heirloom tomatoes at their property near Kalbar. They sell surplus red tomatoes from their big roadside stall so pop by and grab some on your next road trip.

What: Heirloom tomatoes, red tomatoes, potatoes, garlic

Where: Roadside stall on Boonah Fassifern Rd, Boonah

Stokes Farm

Fourth-generation farmers Troy and Vilma Stokes grow onions and lucerne. Most produce goes to the Brisbane markets – look for the Stokes Farm label at your local greengrocer – but their children also sell surplus produce from a roadside stall in front of the farm and split the profits.

What: Onions

Where: Roadside stall in front of the farm (Stokes Crossing, Mount Mort Rd, Mt Walker)

Summer Land Camels 

Meet a caravan of gentle camels and learn about the anti-aging and immune health benefits of camel milk at Summer Land Camels. See camel milk products being made and taste products straight from the farm including gelato, cheese and the on-site café’s famous camel-cino. Level up your next cocktail party with a bottle of Camel Milk & Honey Vodka.

What: Camel milk, gelato, cheese and vodka

Where: 8 Charles Chauvel Dr, Harrisville 

A family feeding camels outside of a house at Summerland Camels.
An image of a family standing on a ledge in a rainforest, surrounded by large rocks and trees.